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August 7, 2013

Benefits of Having a Water Filter System

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Water plays a very important role for everyone in this planet. Humans use it for washing clothes, cooking and eating utensils; cleaning our bodies; and keeping the surroundings clean. Most importantly, water is a source of sustenance for all living things.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to have clean drinking water. Otherwise, you and your family might end up with water-borne diseases that could prove fatal to your health. Incidentally, studies done by the World Health Organisation report that about 3.4M people are recorded as fatalities of illnesses caused by contaminated water.

Water Filter System

To avoid getting sick from water-borne diseases like cholera, dysentery, and giardiasis, etc. you need to make sure that you use filtered water.

With the help of filters, impurities are removed from the water through the use of very fine barriers. Aside from the physical barriers, a physical or biological process is also needed to ensure that clean and safe water reaches your home.

It is a fact that the government executes projects for water filtration of tap water, but there could still be instances where your pipes may have some issues. If this is the case, you are still at risk of getting water-borne illnesses. Hence, your household will benefit best from a water filtration system at home.

Aside from keeping your water clean, filtration also has another benefit—making water taste better. As a result of better tasting water, you and your family will be encouraged to drink more water, which will then lead to a healthier you!

Another benefit of using water filtration is that you can avoid purchasing filtered water at stores. Imagine the savings you can get as soon as you have your own source of filtered water. Moreover, you can also help save the environment when you stop buying bottled waters.

To reap the benefits of drinking filtered water, you can easily find companies like the Water People Filters that provide great water filtration systems. Should you wish to learn more about water filtration systems before getting one, don’t hesitate to call the filtration companies. They’ll be more than happy to educate you with the various advantages and used of water filtering systems.

With filtered water at our disposal, we’re one step closer to having healthier lives. What are you waiting for? Have a water filter installed in your homes now.

January 10, 2013

Types of Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tool that has been utilized by various companies worldwide. The effectivity of the service is due to the increasing rate of people who use their email as  one of their main sources of information and updates on the things that matter to them the most. 

EDM (electronic direct marketing) can be classified into two types namely transactional emails and direct emails. A transactional email is the kind of email marketing service that is prompted based on the customer’s actions, transactions and relationship with a certain company. Examples of this kind of email are the following: order confimation emails and purchase receipts. Statistics show that this kind of emails has a high open rate (or most likely to be opened by the customers)—51.3% compared to the 36.6% rate of an ordinary email newsletter. To companies, transactional emails are great opportunities for them to engage with their costumers and to promote their products and services.

Another type of emailing marketing service that is being offered in the market is the direct email. This type involves sending a promotional message directly to the customer. The sole purpose of the email is to promote the product or service being offered by the company, and this can be in a form of a special offer flyer or a product catalog.

Utilizing email marketing services has its advantages and disadvantages. One of its advantages is that it is significantly cheaper and faster compared to the traditional mail that is usually being sent to customers at home. Email marketing is also more effective since the customers are usually the ones who subscribe to their email service.  Return of investment in this service can be high if done properly. As for the disadvantages, the emails can be marked as spam if not done correctly and reponsibly. This is why it is important for companies to look for email marketing services provider that offers good email marketing software products.

These different types of email marketing services can be found with leading agencies such as Scorch Marketing and iContact

November 8, 2012

Trendy High Performance Laptops

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Laptop Batteries

Laptops have been a mainstay for so long that sometimes every design looks the same. Some companies wanted to make the mobile computer appealing in different aspects: design, utility, capability, weight, style, appearance and so on. The revamped and or redesigned laptops usually come with trivial changes are like cookie cutter models. Authentic genius in design and utility are what make all the difference when it comes to making a model that rise to the needs and taste of the ever changing market.

Case in fact are the Alienware laptops that boast not only performance in gaming and other technical aspects but mind blowing aesthetics as well (mind blowing may be a bit over the top but you know what we mean with that, it’s just plain cool and somehow stunning.) Some laptops made by the well known company feature a style that is unique and tasty for consumers. Smooth surfaces with texture and rubbery grip? Alienware has M11x which uses a coating that is both cool and safe to the touch. Not only that, backlights illuminate the keys and the somewhat alien-looking scribbling on the keys altogether. Just imagine if that laptop indeed came from extra terrestrials.

Though these things are just but icing on the cake if performance is below par when it comes to diagnostics and actual use. Laptops come with the promise of portability and how will it fare if it does not even have decent laptop batteries? Lithium ion is the most common type of battery when it comes to laptops and the problem with most laptop designs is that the battery unit is more than just flawed. It’s not just a matter of talking about power but of battery efficiency and utility.

More and more companies are releasing new and innovative designs for laptops, some fare far better than their counterparts but usually plummet when it comes to longevity. The design is not fully flawed but it can be improved beyond where it is currently in. Even when tweaking power options or what not, battery laptops seem to drain easily when it comes to portable use. The promised 4-hour mobile use usually dwindles to less than what is advertised. That’s a bit short changing especially when consumers opt to buy a certain model for ultra portability.

Working with a pretty decent laptop when it comes to features and programs are being dragged by overhyped batteries as advertised. Surely, manufacturers can look closely on what they put in their products for power and energy consumption.

Design should probably go all the way even to the most trivial details. More so, significant parts should be well thought of and designed so as to provide better products for well discerning buyers and users.

All new laptop batteries discussed in this article are on sale in Australia with local trusted retailer A1 Battery Pro

October 12, 2012

New Hydraulics and Electric Products from Eaton Corporation

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Eaton Corporation, a company dedicated to providing power management solutions, has recently showcased their new line of hydraulic and electric products in Midrand, Gauteng. 

Included in the new product range are compact vacuum circuit breakers. What makes this line better than the previous SF-6 breakers is that these are earth-friendly products. Eaton also features on-line partial-discharge relay technology for its line of electrical products and services. On-line partial-discharge relay technology will be responsible for measuring electrical breakdown of your insulation systems. Take for example, the InsulGard which will warn you of possible power failures from your switchgear or transformers. The InsulGard is most compatible with switchgears and transformers working at 5kV and above. Moreover, the mining industry can benefit from using the InsulGard.

Aside from the InsulGard, Eaton also makes a hose monitoring system available to its clients. The system warns of hose failure and makes it possible for you to make the necessary preparations to replace your hose before it’s too late. Kelly Moore-Floyd, Eaton’s product manager, says that “By providing an advanced warning of impending hose failure, our customers and their employees have greater peace of mind that they have a viable solution to a long-standing challenge.”

Currently, LifeSense is only available in 2-wire 2SN hose fitting -12, -16, and -08 sizes. However, the company is working at making more sizes compatible with LifeSense. According to Moore-Floyd, the hose system is comprised of a sensor that can consistently monitor hose conditions through electrical signals for data interpretation in the hose diagnostic units to avoid injuries and other damages.

Due to its complex and reliable system, Eaton Hydraulics Group has been attending talks with several mining companies located in Australia, Canada, and the USA. Eaton Corporation also adds that LifeSense will be available in their first mining office located in Brazil.


Eaton Hydraulics product manager for AirFlext maintains that, “Understanding our customers’ big-picture challenges is a primary focus of Eaton. We recognise that our customers operate in market segments that have high uptime requirements, where unplanned downtime can mean substantial loss of time and money.

“Technological advancements that help to safeguard against unexpected work interruptions increase safety and uptime, as well as enhance productivity and efficiency, and provide critical performance value to our customers.”

For more than 75 years, Eaton has been effectively assisting engineers in their operations, development, and maintenance of filtration, hydraulics, and accumulator products.

Other renown hydraulic companies for related products are Hydac hydraulics and Ryco.

October 11, 2012

Awe-inspiring Innovations in Bicycle Designs

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Image sourced from

Modes of transportation have been developing design-wise rapidly through the years, and bicycles are not exempt from this. There have been a number of innovations in bicycle designs, which have been introduced to inspire, convenience or simply better the lives of those who ride them.

In the modern times, people have continued to think of ways to make their riding experience more advanced and stress-free; boosting the performance and aesthetic of the bike. People want their bicycles to be a part of their lifestyle and to meet their needs and wants – and if it’s awe-inspiring, then even better.

In current times, there has been a sharp rise in people interested in “utility bikes”—-bikes which suit city cycling. This suits that large percentage of individuals who have chosen cycling as their main mode of transport to and from work. The designs of these bikes are versatile in the sense that they are suited to a variation of conditions: potholes, hilly landscapes and even being stuck in traffic.

Electric bikes have also jumped on the modern bicycle design innovation bandwagon. There are some bikes such as the Faraday electric bikes that hold lithium ion batteries which are able to power the bicycle. These batteries can be charged in around 45 minutes and weigh around 40 pounds. It also has two LED headlamps and can be used to travel at around 10 to 15 miles.

There are also bikes which aim to provide comfort, thus concentrating on comfort as their main focus. Bicycle creator, Tony Pereira, invented a bicycle that has a music system and cargo box; this creates the experience of part-car/part-bicycle.

Some bikes are built with a certain number of passengers in mind; as is the case when Joshua Muir invented the Ballena, a cargo bike that can also carry a couple of kids. The design of this bicycle is particularly useful for parents with more than 1 toddler.

Another fascinating introduction in bicycle design comes from Russian industrial designer, Ilya Vostrikov. His futuristic designs of various road bikes will leave you in awe. To have a look at the sketches he has done, visit his blog –

Bicycles designs have come a long way in the past 2 decades, and we predict they will continue to surpass anything we could have imagined.



November 29, 2011

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M-Elec, one of the leading LED work lights importers in Australia, recently met with Trevor Reitsma. The latter is the director of Reitsma and Associates. He also happens to be an award-winning designer. The meeting between Reitsma and M-Elec included an interview that gives light on how Trevor Reitsma views lighting design.

M-ELEC - leading LED work lights importer in Australia

According to the interview between the LED light importer and Reitsma, the designer feels that using LEDs nowadays is just the beginning. He also adds that, eventually LED work  lights will be a great way to illuminate things that we can’t illuminate before. Reitsma adds that using artificial lights is very helpful in keeping appearances “to a degree you can compensate for a poorly oriented building.”

Another point of interest that came up during the interview was about how Reitsma integrates artificial lighting with natural light. The designer says that the building orientation should always be considered. He also mentions that natural light and artificial light go together. The former should be considered to make sure that it enters the house in the morning while artificial lights should be utilised where it will be needed when the night time comes.

In terms of light colour, Trevor Reitsma doesn’t always go for warm colours. He says that it depends on the client’s personality or vision of the room where the light fixtures are to be placed.

Reitsma was also asked if he would encourage the use of LED work lights. He answers, “Absolutely, it’s future technology today. LED products were once for the elite but the price has decreased significantly making it far more accessible.”

LED work lights were only previously used in planes, cars, and other vehicles due to its price. However, prices have decreased and LEDs can now be generally utilised which has led to a large rise in sales from Motorcyclists as LED Work lights improves safety. Moreover, LED work lights can significantly change the mood and appearance of your room, shop, or business establishment with the use of various colours and lighting schemes

July 27, 2010

Digital Agencies: Leading Website Design into the Future!

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With the internet becoming an increasingly dominant aspect of our everyday lives, the World Wide Web is beginning to change dramatically. Not only are we witnessing changes in terms of the way the internet looks aesthetically, but the way it feels for the user as more and more websites become interactive or ‘dynamic’. This shift in focus is causing a decline in the do-it-yourself style of website building that used to be so common in the 90s era of basic HTML coding, and calls for a new generation of highly skilled, and carefully pragmatic web designers. This article is going to examine three of the world’s leading Digital Agencies, to take a look at the way they’re helping to shape the internet as we know it today.

First off, the home-grown agency known interestingly as MessageForce. This organisation prides itself on being able to carry out any number of marketing strategies. Providing it takes place in the digital medium, they have the knowledge and the experience to make it happen. This all-round holistic approach to internet marketing has earned them a reputation as one of Australia’s leading website design firms. The screen shot below should give you an idea as to why this is.

Another exciting Digital Agency making waves internationally are these guys. WebCreationUK have found a way to make simple, easy to use designs affordable to everybody. Their designs are attractive, functional, and they just work! We’ve taken a small sample of some of their best to share with you below.

Last but not least, this exciting web design team is creating quite a stir in America. The aptly-named American Web Design boasts a combined 25 years experience in the industry, and has created literally thousands of unique and up-to-the-minute websites, leaving their clients more than satisfied time after time. Unfortunately we can’t show you their designs on our blog due to copyright issues, but you can see the designs for yourself here.

Well that’s our post on we design. We know you’ve been waiting a long time to hear our thoughts on the subject so we hope that’s left you satisfied. Until next time from the Disquieting Muse!

The Future of Vending Machines

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The Future of Vending Machines looks bright as Intel was showing of their new augmented reality display at Digital Signage World in Sydney last weekend. The impressive vending machines have a large resistive touchscreen , an inbuilt camera and has also the ability to connect to wireless networks over 3G , Wifi or Wimax.

One of the most impressive functions of the vending machine is the large digital display screen which can be used to showcase advertising as the machines camera will recognize when nobody is within a 10 foot radius and will automatically display the advertising screen.The ads will disappear if somebody was to enter 3 foot proximity to the vending machine and it will be replaced by a touchscreen menu to purchase the contents of the machine. The user can scroll through the products using the large digital touchscreen , with vibrant backgrounds changing depending on what product the user has currently highlighted.

The demo machine then used a smart cashcard to make the required payment before the drink was released.

The vending machine is also unique compared to the rest of the market as the wireless connectivity allows the companies the option to be able to monitor the machines , allowing contents to be filled when only they are empty instead of regular basis whether they are empty or not.The camera also uses face detection technology to determine the sex and age of the user, which can be then used to appeal to advertisers.

The vending machines are already available in Japan and have become a huge success and should be arriving in Australia soon with leading retailer Your Choice Vending.

Welcome to the Disquieting Muse

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The is a quarterly webzine publishing pieces on poetry, literature, design and artwork. It is also a magazine of poetry and visual art with verve. They present poems and visual art with different authors and creators all over the world.
They help to elevate appreciation for the work of our contributors, and to serve our readers by offering, without charge, a magazine filled with the most interesting poetry available to us
As of today – June 2001– ten issues of poetry, art, and the occasional review so far (Feb/May/Aug/Nov 99; Feb/May/Aug/Nov 2000; Feb/May 2001/) after the resurrection of the magazine in February 1999. Interested folk can read about this in Dancing Bear’s Letter from the Editor

Poets featured range from Dorianne Laux, Michaela A. Gabriel, Wendy Videlock Adrienne Lee, James Lineberger, Pooja Mittal, Janet I. Buck, Lyn Lifshin to C.E. Chaffin, Julie Damerell, Joy Harjo, John Carle, and Robert Sward. The latest issue, May 2001, features poems by Robley Wilson, Jane Hirshfield, Len Anderson, Glenda Cooper, Tom Fugalli, Ellery Akers, Idra Novey, and Garth Greenwell.
When asked what distinguishes Disquieting Muses from other zines, Dancing Bear had this to say: “Well, I could say we appreciate a good lyric, but so do other zines. I could say we appreciate imagery, but so do other zines. I could say we like a little surrealism, ellipticism, classicism, et cetera, but so do other zines. If pressed we might say that one of the qualities we’re proud of is scope; we publish a wide range of styles and topics. If it’s good, interesting writing, if it’s good poetry, if it’s good to all of our editors, it’s in. I don’t think we can quite be categorized; maybe that implies a certain editorial open-mindedness?
According to its Submissions and Award Guideline pages, Disquieting Muses cautions writers “not [to] interpret our name to imply a preference for anything other than the highest quality writing possible. Our only preference is for work that is well-written and interesting to read. We consider all reasonable topics and styles. That said, however, we’d like to especially encourage submissions that are lyrical, imagistic, or slightly surreal.”

July 13, 2010

Iconic Toy Designs: The Classic Buzzy Bee!

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  Buzzy bee toySince the early 1940s almost every New Zealand child has grown up playing with the famous ‘Buzzy Bee’ toy. The inspired creation of Auckland brothers John and Hec Ramsey, the Buzzy Bee has rolled its way into the young country’s iconography, a feat which owes much to its simplistic, yet effective and fun design.

Hec Ramsey first became interested in manufacturing toys following a career in wood turning, releasing the famous ‘Mary Lou Doll’ in 1941. The doll was to become an overnight sensation with young New Zealand children, and Hec’s new life as one of the countries top toy designers had begun. Over the next decade Hec and his brother released a number of popular toys including Richard Rabbit, Alli-gator, Katie Caterpillar, and of course Buzzy Bee.

The original Buzzy Bee toy is still very similar to the more contemporary model that sells today, featuring a full wooden body, quivering antennae, and spinning wings, all of which combine when with a classic buzzing sound as the toy is pulled along by its owner. The simplicity of the toy is really what makes it so great. It was cheap to manufacture, and incorporated all the things that hold a young persons attention; interactivity, noise, motion, and lovely bright colours.

The Buzzy Bee really is up there with the most classic toy designs ever produced, having remained in production for more than 50 years. I’d sure love to get my hands on one of the originals!


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